Haywood Appliance offers two types of warranties.


The first is a Ten Year Major Component Warranty and it covers the major component of an appliance. For example on a refrigerator, the major component is the compressor so this warranty would cover the actual cost of the compressor. This type of warranty excludes labor, trip charges and any other incidental parts. It is designed to keep your repair bill lower by covering the most expensive or major component. Considering the average compressor for a refrigerator costs around $350, you can see this is a worthwhile warranty and protects you for a full 10 years.


Our second warranty is a Full Coverage 5 Year Warranty. It covers the entire cost of repair with no deductible, which means no out-of-pocket expense. Since the majority of appliances are covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty (parts and labor), this really is a 4 year extension. Since we have our own in-house service department, we see firsthand that sometimes appliances do fail within the first five years. This is a "peace of mind" warranty to ensure that for a full 5 years, you will not pay anything for a repair. In both of these plans there are some exclusions such as the appliance is in a commercial setting or was improperly used. This plan also has a no-lemon policy so if it can’t be repaired, it will be replaced. Please talk to our sales representative for more information on NSI Protection Plus warranties.